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main(String[]) - Static method in class org.openlowcode.samples.message.OLcMessageSample
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.openlowcode.samples.pdf.SampleOpenLowcodePDFDocument
MessageArrayEnd - Class in
This message is used at the end of a compact array.
MessageArrayEnd() - Constructor for class
creates a new message array end.
MessageArrayLine - Class in
A message array line is providing a payload (potentially null) for all the columns declared in the MessageArrayStart
MessageArrayLine(MessageArrayStart, Object[]) - Constructor for class
MessageArrayStart - Class in
This message element defines the format of a compact array.
MessageArrayStart(String, ArrayList<MessageFieldSpec>) - Constructor for class
MessageBinaryField - Class in
a binary element contains a payload that will be transported from client to server It is transported as pure binary content after a 'D' and then an integer precising the size of the binary content in bytes and then a ':' and then the binary content.
MessageBinaryField(String) - Constructor for class
MessageBinaryField(String, SFile) - Constructor for class
MessageBinaryField(String, byte[], String) - Constructor for class
MessageBooleanField - Class in
a simple field storing a real boolean (value true or false)
MessageBooleanField(String, boolean) - Constructor for class
MessageBufferedWriter - Class in
A buffered writer implementation of the OLc Message writer
MessageBufferedWriter(BufferedWriter, boolean) - Constructor for class
Creates a new MessageBufferedWriter
MessageDateField - Class in
A message field storing a simple java date.
MessageDateField(String, Date) - Constructor for class
MessageDecimalField - Class in
A field for OLc Message containing as payload a potentially null BigDecimal.
MessageDecimalField(String, BigDecimal) - Constructor for class
Creates the MessageDecimalField with specified fieldname and payload
MessageElement - Class in
A OLc messages are made of a succession of MessageElements.
MessageElement() - Constructor for class
MessageEnd - Class in
Signals the end of a message.
MessageEnd() - Constructor for class
Creates a message end class
MessageEndStructure - Class in
A MessageEndStructure element is closing a structure element.
MessageEndStructure() - Constructor for class
MessageError - Class in
a OLc Message Error can be sent at any point of a message transmission.
MessageError(int, String) - Constructor for class
Creates a message error, with an error code and an error message.
MessageField<E extends MessageFieldType> - Class in
Gathers all fields that are transported as text in a CML Message.
MessageField(String) - Constructor for class
Creates a new MessageField
MessageFieldSpec - Class in
A MessageFieldSpec allows to define the type of payload.
MessageFieldSpec(String, MessageFieldType) - Constructor for class
MessageFieldSpec(String, String) - Constructor for class
MessageFieldType - Class in
A message field type represent a type of data supported for sending inside a message field or a message array
MessageFieldType() - Constructor for class
MessageFieldTypeBinary - Class in
This type is used to define a field holding a binary file
MessageFieldTypeBoolean - Class in
A field to store a 'technical' binary with only true or false values allowed.
MessageFieldTypeDate - Class in
The message field type date stores a java simple date.typically, dates are transported as local time, and assume client and server are on the same timezone.
To use this MessageFieldType, just reference the singleton.
MessageFieldTypeDecimal - Class in
A field type to store a java big decimal.
MessageFieldTypeInteger - Class in
A field to store an Integer, that can potentially be null.
To use the field type, just use the singleton.
MessageFieldTypeString - Class in
This class is used as a character string content inside a MessageArray.
MessageIntegerField - Class in
This message type allows to specify a field holding a java Integer.
MessageReader - Class in
The message reader abstract class performs all consistency controls of the message, ensuring it makes sense (e.g.
MessageReader() - Constructor for class
creates a message reader that by default will throw an OLcRemoteException if a message error is sent on the server.
MessageReader(boolean) - Constructor for class
creates a message reader
MessageSimpleReader - Class in
Standard Implementation of the message Reader.
MessageSimpleReader(Reader) - Constructor for class
Creates a message simple reader that will send a remote exception when error is sent back from the remote party
MessageSimpleReader(Reader, boolean) - Constructor for class
MessageStart - Class in
The message element starting a message.
MessageStart() - Constructor for class
MessageStartStructure - Class in
A message can be made of structures, structures themselves holding elements, such as fields, other structures or compact arrays
MessageStartStructure(String) - Constructor for class
creates a new message structure with the specified structure name.
MessageStringField - Class in
A field holding a string information
MessageStringField(String, String) - Constructor for class
MessageWriter - Class in
An OLc message writer writes to the communication stream a OLc Message.
MessageWriter() - Constructor for class
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