Interactive diagrams show objects and links in a graphical view, with a layout that makes business sense. With an interactive diagram, complex links between objects are understood much more easily than with a classical table layout.

Expected workload: 250 hours


The widget is a new javafx component that displays and allows editions of figures:

  • Display and allow to move on a diagram boxes with a title and some attributes shown
  • Allows some color coding on objects based on attributes
  • Show links (a diagram box linked to two diagram boxes)
  • Manage efficiently the showing of part of a diagram only (some diagrams may be too large)
  • Allows some edition without leaving the diagram
    • edit the object from a popup (result visible in the diagram after edition)
    • Allows to create a link between two objects on the diagram

Data and Application Logic

Objects and links that should be managed in the diagram should:

  • be linked to a figure: expectations are that there will be several figures to describe objects
  • Store the position of an object on a figure (probably on the link between object and figure)

The feature should respect user and access rights:

  • When showing a diagram, only objects and links where user has access rights are visible;
  • Only objects where user has access rights can be modified, links can also be created or updated.