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    The first module published by the project will be ‘Open Lowcode PDF‘, a PDF library based on Apache PDFBox. It will allow to easily generate PDF electronic documents thanks to its high-level features such as:

    • Text writing on seceral lines, with automatic carriage return
    • Writing of tables
    • Printing images to best fit in a given space
    • Printing content on several pages similarly to a word processor
    • managing table of content
    • printing the page number in a given page.

    Publication of Open Lowcode PDF is planned in July 2019.

    Open Lowcode PDF is a small part (around 2%) of the total Open Lowcode platform. Many other components will be also published later.

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    Open Lowcode PDF version 0.1.1 is now published. It corrects some interface issues found in version 0.1.0.

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