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Ever had the frustration of your project being blocked waiting for software editor to even consider your need ? When Open Lowcode, you can just add what you need.

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At Open Lowcode, we believe competence is not destroyed by a smile. And we are glad to welcome participants of all technical levels, and to guide you through your first steps in open-source.

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Open Lowcode features directly brings productivity benefits for our users. You will not spend 50% of your time on abstract development artifacts.

Open Lowcode components

Open Lowcode is a full framework developed over Java SDK, javafx, a sql database, and Apache libraries (Apache POI, PDF Box). There are things to do for all tastes:

  • Designer: generates all automatic classes. One main challenge is to rationalize and improve the code generation process.
  • Client: Javafx widgets used by the application. Objective is to grow those widgets to reach the level of productivity of office suites. Especially:
    • Object Table: a table widh edition features that should be as convenient as spreadsheets while respecting
    • Rich-text editor: Provides good enough text formatting for most enterprise data needs
  • Server:  a stable and lean run-time able to support enterprise class loads. One next challenge is to improve the transaction engine